Friday, April 27, 2007

White Privilege ? How'd I miss out on that?

I found this article

while visiting, and part of me just can't believe it's for real. Here's a small quote:

The conference, sponsored by, among others, the University of Colorado,
Colorado Springs, serves as an opportunity to "examine and explore
difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and
oppression," according to its Web site.

It makes it more understandable to me that more parents are home-schooling their kids, though I recall there was a certain amount of that sort of thing when I went to school. I'm still trying to learn how to think clearly, as a result. Problem is, I suspect a lot of those who are complaining about all of this so-called 'white privilege' are a lot more 'privileged' than I am, and than most of the people I know. I thought I'd post this here, since the mindset is not unlike the one discussed in 'Unholy Alliance' which I posted about before.

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