Thursday, April 19, 2007

Keith Miller: God is Showing Himself Strong

Here's a nice tidbit from the Elijah List,

True freedom is joy! Jesus had joy! Why? Because Jesus was free! I'm telling you, God is releasing revelation of the power of the Blood of Jesus, and the power of the Cross for the believer's life, so that we will refuse to be entangled by anything anymore! Who the Son sets free
is free indeed, and the Holy Spirit is revealing to us that the people of God have received the right to refuse to be bound. We have the right, to refuse to be bound!

What God is after is "transformation of who we really are." He's dealing with mindsets by the renewing of the mind, through the washing of us with His Word, and by setting us free with His truth. As He releases these Kingdom truths in the hearts of believers, we shed those old outlooks and notions of who people say we are, and instead say, "I am who HE says I am, and I can awaken everyday and hear His thoughts toward me!" We've only just begun to see what God can do in and through us! As we Texans like to say, "We ain't seen nothing yet!"
by Keith Miller Stand Firm World Ministries

You can read the whole thing

I could of course add the comment that EFT can help with that transformation! I love messages like this -- thought I'd pass it on.

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