Saturday, April 14, 2007


This has to be the Holy Spirit at work -- how else do you explain it? The EFT article I mentioned earlier is titled schizophrenia, and it's from an e-mail I received a few days ago but didn't read until this morning. Then I decided to check out the Spirit Daily web site, and here's an article Titled: “BLAST THAT SCHIZOPHRENIA DEMON OUT!”

Wow! Here's a few quotes, but also read the article! " Glory to God -- revelation
had at long last penetrated my darkened understanding." "
I came out of that prayer more powerful than when I went into it, and I also received an assurance from the Holy Spirit that the evil power was going to get cast out even if I had to do it… and by the end of the day, I would be free." "I challenged the demon’s legal right to be in my life." "I commanded the demon of schizophrenia to leave my life ... "

I'll let you read the article yourself for the rest. God is so good!

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