Monday, April 30, 2007

What do you know?

Here's another good one from The Elijah List -- it's going to take some chewing on, I think.
A couple of excerpts:
What we know in the Kingdom of God is different than what we know in
the natural realm. In the natural realm you know something exists when
you see it. In the Kingdom you must know something exists when you
don't see it. In 1 John 5:14-15 the Word tells us we can have confidence in God when we ask anything according to His will that He hears us, and if we know that He hears
us, we have what we ask for.

Only when you know something exists in the supernatural can you establish it in the natural realm.
The power to demonstrate God's will flows through the knower. Your knower puts a demand on what is unseen. You can only establish something from the Kingdom of God by what you know.

The Kingdom is Waiting to Come What
you know in the Kingdom is greater than what you know in the natural. What you know in the natural has already been seen. What you know in the Kingdom is about to be seen. You know something exists in the natural because you see the evidence. It's the evidence of what you know that causes you to experience it.
by: Cal Pierce
Healing Rooms Ministries

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Friday, April 27, 2007

Spiritual Warfare Prayers

Here's a link to a website with some prayers, and the beginning of the preface says this: "St. Michael's Prayers for Spiritual Warfare is offered to the General Public as valuable for self-help in dealing Spiritual Warfare issues in one's life."

I haven't (yet) read the prayers, and I'm not Catholic, but I thought this may be helpful. And it's actually related to the topic of this blog! I found it while again reading 'Spirit Daily'.

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White Privilege ? How'd I miss out on that?

I found this article

while visiting, and part of me just can't believe it's for real. Here's a small quote:

The conference, sponsored by, among others, the University of Colorado,
Colorado Springs, serves as an opportunity to "examine and explore
difficult issues related to white privilege, white supremacy and
oppression," according to its Web site.

It makes it more understandable to me that more parents are home-schooling their kids, though I recall there was a certain amount of that sort of thing when I went to school. I'm still trying to learn how to think clearly, as a result. Problem is, I suspect a lot of those who are complaining about all of this so-called 'white privilege' are a lot more 'privileged' than I am, and than most of the people I know. I thought I'd post this here, since the mindset is not unlike the one discussed in 'Unholy Alliance' which I posted about before.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Keith Miller: God is Showing Himself Strong

Here's a nice tidbit from the Elijah List,

True freedom is joy! Jesus had joy! Why? Because Jesus was free! I'm telling you, God is releasing revelation of the power of the Blood of Jesus, and the power of the Cross for the believer's life, so that we will refuse to be entangled by anything anymore! Who the Son sets free
is free indeed, and the Holy Spirit is revealing to us that the people of God have received the right to refuse to be bound. We have the right, to refuse to be bound!

What God is after is "transformation of who we really are." He's dealing with mindsets by the renewing of the mind, through the washing of us with His Word, and by setting us free with His truth. As He releases these Kingdom truths in the hearts of believers, we shed those old outlooks and notions of who people say we are, and instead say, "I am who HE says I am, and I can awaken everyday and hear His thoughts toward me!" We've only just begun to see what God can do in and through us! As we Texans like to say, "We ain't seen nothing yet!"
by Keith Miller Stand Firm World Ministries

You can read the whole thing

I could of course add the comment that EFT can help with that transformation! I love messages like this -- thought I'd pass it on.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007


This has to be the Holy Spirit at work -- how else do you explain it? The EFT article I mentioned earlier is titled schizophrenia, and it's from an e-mail I received a few days ago but didn't read until this morning. Then I decided to check out the Spirit Daily web site, and here's an article Titled: “BLAST THAT SCHIZOPHRENIA DEMON OUT!”

Wow! Here's a few quotes, but also read the article! " Glory to God -- revelation
had at long last penetrated my darkened understanding." "
I came out of that prayer more powerful than when I went into it, and I also received an assurance from the Holy Spirit that the evil power was going to get cast out even if I had to do it… and by the end of the day, I would be free." "I challenged the demon’s legal right to be in my life." "I commanded the demon of schizophrenia to leave my life ... "

I'll let you read the article yourself for the rest. God is so good!

Hallucinations ... or demonic spirits ?

I just read an article on the EFT Insights Newsletter (email newsletter), about 2 people diagnosed with 'schizo-affective' disorders. One of the manifestations of this disorder is 'hearing voices' or having (so-called) hallucinations. I imagine some, or a lot of people may not like this message. I figure if I'm going to tick some people off, I may as well start doing that before anyone is even reading my blog.

I feel some scripture coming on, hang on... time to fire up eSword.

If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you. (Joh 15:19 KJV)

For the wisdom of this world is foolishness with God. For it is written, He taketh the wise in their own craftiness. (1Co 3:19 KJV)

So, in this article it says that one of the men has; "according to the case report, “bizarre religious delusions.” " I guess I can't comment on that, except that some would accuse anyone who believes in God or Jesus as having 'bizarre religious delusions'. Maybe I just need to pray for them? On with the article. Apparently he sometimes felt compelled by these (supposedly hallucinated) voices to blurt out obscenities in public. My question or suggestion is: What if he's not hallucinating, but in fact hearing voices of the demonic?

In the second case cited, there's another young man that "would frequently hear a disturbing “crowd noise” in his head – it was not tinnitus but rather a mumbling sound as though that of voices in a crowd where the words could not be distinguished." Wow, that reminded me of what I read in 'Devil Walk' by Clint Byars (see endnotes in my booklet). Again, what if he wasn't hallucinating or imagining something that doesn't exist, but hearing from a realm that many don't want to acknowledge exists? And over which we, as Christians and believers in Jesus Christ, Yeshua the Messiah, have authority?

The good news is that EFT appeared to be helpful in both instances, even though there wasn't any 'casting out of devils' as it were. In the first case, the article notes: "While we do not know the exact wording that was used with this young man, it is described by his therapist as approximately the following phrase, “Even though these voices torment me and tell me to say obscene things, I know that God loves me.” The inclusion of God in his Set-Up phrase was extremely comforting to him and represents an interesting and useful variation of the default self acceptance phrase."

That dovetails in with the list of lies vs the truth I put in my booklet, under 'getting specific'. I've been feeling a nudge by the Spirit to use that list for my own tapping as well as some articles on here -- more to come!

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Testing ScribeFire for Firefox browser

I'm testing ScribeFire, an add-on to my Firefox v2 browser. It's a way to compose and email to this blog from a browser window, which may or may not mean I'll post more messages or useful information here. It should make it easier to post stuff from a web page I happen to be looking at, like this one: from the bible-truths website. He's basically debunking most Christian doctrine about hell and eternal punishment, etc. and he may be onto something.

As I mentioned in my report, I am coming more to the conclusion that, depending on our emotional state, our 'free will' isn't really so free. I certainly do believe in what scripture says, and so does the writer of the website. Certainly food for thought.

So I'll send this off now, and see how it goes! If or when folks actually start looking at this blog, y'all will see the results.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

What the bleap? Bleap - Bleap - Bleap!!: Better Searching Ahead

What the bleap? Bleap - Bleap - Bleap!!: Better Searching Ahead

This post has all you'd probably ever want to know about searching on Google (or other search engines, I imagine.) I learned a few things that I hope to remember the next time I do a search, enjoy!

Friday, April 6, 2007

book review and Iraq war

I'm reading an interview with Rush Limbaugh and Vice President Cheney, about funding and the Iraq war. I've also been reading a book called 'Unholy Alliance' by David Horowitz (subtitled: Radical Islam and the American Left.)

The link to the interview follows, but here's a snippet from it:

"RUSH: You and the president both, have derided the theatrics of Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi and a number of the Democrats, and I don't know if you're being politic with the statement because I, frankly, need to ask you if you really think it's "theatrics" or is this who they really are? Is this what they really intend: to lose this war, to make sure we come home defeated?

RUSH: Do you understand that?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: That's the fundamental difference.
RUSH: Can you share with us whether or not you understand their devotion, or their seeming allegiance, to the concept of US defeat?
THE VICE PRESIDENT: I can't. It seems to me so abundantly clear, Rush, that we really need to prevail in this conflict, that there's an awful lot riding on it. It's not just about Iraq. It's about our efforts in the global war on terror, and that entire part of the world, affects what's going on in Iran where we're trying to make sure they don't develop a nuclear weapon. You can imagine the extent to which the Iranians would be heartened in that effort, if they see us withdraw from Iraq next door."

For the whole interview - see here:

I'm going to pull out one question:
RUSH: Can you share with us whether or not you understand their devotion, or their seeming allegiance, to the concept of US defeat?

And my answer is, I do understand their devotion to the concept of US defeat -- they hate this country and would like nothing better than to see it destroyed. Here's a couple of quotes from the book I mentioned above, and the book answers the question and the whole mindset or thinking is (imho) satanic. There's also a quote by M. Scott Peck about nihilism in my booklet , and it's also a term used in Unholy Alliance. I think the issues are very much related.

These quotes are from the hardcover edition of the book (which I found at my local library while finishing up research for my booklet):
pg. 83 "Patriotism by this tormented logic is associated with opposing one's country rather than supporting it. In other words, precisely the definition of Paul Robeson and Eric Foner." (They re-define words to mean something different than what the rest of us think it means, or what the dictionary definition might be.)
pg.113 "America can do no right. Even the right America does is wrong, and the wrongs America is responsible for are monstrous. This syllogism encompasses the entire logic of the anti-American mind."
pg. 129 "The socialist's faith is in using state power and violent means to eliminate private property and thereby usher in the millennium."

I've only finished 1/2 of the book so far, but since it ties into the interview I was reading, I figured I'd throw this out there, in the event that anyone wants my opinion, it is: Read this book!

p.s. The change in fonts and sizes, etc. is not intentional, I'm still learning this whole blog composition thing. Just putting together and formatting my booklet gave me fits. Advice is welcome!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Welcome to the EFT-SW blog

Welcome to my blog, on the topic of using EFT and Spiritual Warfare, and/or using EFT as a tool in spiritual warfare. I'll have a booklet for free download on that very topic available on eSnips, the link will be showing up here shortly.

I'm pretty good at reading blogs, but I have a bit to learn about creating and maintaining one, so please don't laugh too much at my mistakes. ;-0 Or, laugh with me, and not at me? I know there's a proverb about a merry heart being like good medicine, so laughter is a good thing. I'll have to start launching e-Sword before I start posting blogs, in case a bit of scripture seems appropriate.

Please feel free to email me with questions. I'll also try to create a good set of referral links from my bookmarks to post on here, too. Maybe I'll even put a picture of myself on here, I'm not sure about that yet. Time to get ready for church, thanks for stopping by.