Friday, April 13, 2007

Testing ScribeFire for Firefox browser

I'm testing ScribeFire, an add-on to my Firefox v2 browser. It's a way to compose and email to this blog from a browser window, which may or may not mean I'll post more messages or useful information here. It should make it easier to post stuff from a web page I happen to be looking at, like this one: from the bible-truths website. He's basically debunking most Christian doctrine about hell and eternal punishment, etc. and he may be onto something.

As I mentioned in my report, I am coming more to the conclusion that, depending on our emotional state, our 'free will' isn't really so free. I certainly do believe in what scripture says, and so does the writer of the website. Certainly food for thought.

So I'll send this off now, and see how it goes! If or when folks actually start looking at this blog, y'all will see the results.

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