Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hidden things of darkness

Here's a good article in Spirit Daily, about some of the 'hidden things' of the powers of darkness. It's mostly anecdotes of various people who have sensed different spiritual forces.

One note, it is written from a Catholic perspective and I'm Protestant -- so I don't go in for praying to patron saints and/or to Mary, mother of Jesus. I do as Jesus told us, which is to pray to 'our Father, who art in heaven...' And sometimes I pray directly to Jesus, since He said that 'if you've seen me, you've seen the father' and He said that he makes intercession for us.

And to tie this in with EFT, and my premise about the spiritual and emotional being linked, here's a couple of quotes from the article:
"Jealousy is a big curse and is not to easy to remove. But like you said, 'love' breaks the curse and it does work."
"But this is even more strange: I am living with my agnostic sister for a while, making it very uncomfortable for me, as she is nice and generous, however very negative. I have never felt a spirit here, but I do feel depressed at times and for no apparent reason. My grandchild came to visit this summer and she felt a spirit in my sister’s bedroom, and saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye, without knowing anything about my sisters lack of faith! Simultaneously my sister’s daughter felt a spirit too, also not knowing that my grandchild felt it (nor does she take note of her mother’s lack of faith). My granddaughter does not feel this spirit anywhere else. So I have been blessing the house with Holy Salt and Lourdes water, especially on Sunday, and praying for my sister. A few nights ago, my sister went on vacation and I tried to sleep in her bedroom because it is more comfortable than on my tiny futon. I could not sleep! I felt fear in her bedroom and had to go sleep elsewhere. My granddaughter went to Disney World and said she felt the presence of a spirit there too. I truly believe that children can sense those spiritual things that are not sitting well in an environment, and like magnets, pick up on them."
Some good food for thought.

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