Sunday, September 2, 2007

Acupuncture and Christianity

I'm making some small updates to my booklet on EFT and Spiritual Warfare, and wanted to include some information I found in Larson's book of SW about acupuncture. (And I'm going to remove the 'free ebooklet' for a short while, since EBay has no listing fees until the end of Sept., I'm going to list it there and see if there's any buyers.)

In that vein, I decided to do an internet search on acupuncture history, none of which really contradicted the info. in Larson's book; and then I did a search on acupuncture AND christian, and found a link to this website article, which I wanted to share here. There are links to a few articles with some of the science that's been done on the topic. (Since EFT is somewhat based on principles of acupuncture, it's basically related to EFT, also.) The writer of the article, linked above, is a Christian acupuncturist. A couple of things he writes sum up my feelings on the topic, too.

He writes:
  1. God and Christian faith come first in importance and priority. Healing and medicine come after that.
And then goes on to make some other important points, and adds this to which I completely agree:
Science: I have reviewed a number of scientific studies on acupuncture on I am a Christian and an acupuncturist, I believe that acupuncture is inherently medical and non-religious. I have made every effort to remain objective in my Christian review of Chinese Medicine. I would like to find out it is compatible with Christianity, but I also am willing to move on if that turned out to be incorrect.
Of course, I'd substitute EFT, and since it deals more with emotional issues, the medical studies may or may not apply. But I see it as something where I am also willing to move on if it turns out I'm incorrect. The Holy Spirit led me away from other 'new age' beliefs and gave me a love for God's Word (i.e. the Bible); and I even believe that using EFT to clear away some negative emotional 'baggage' enhances my walk, and my faith and discernment. In addition, here is another good article that addresses the topic.

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David said...

Larry Nimms (BSFF) has written an interesting message on the use of EFT and Christian concerns at:

Hope this helps.

syn said...

I have gone through the above article its interesting.Its all about the Acupuncture and Christianity.I believe that acupuncture is inherently medical and non religious.

Anonymous said...

This article helps. All other articles are strongly against it even from Christian therapist. I believe that God gave us the idea orginally and so the science behind it came from God to begin with. As long as we are in line with Christ and allowing the Holy Spirit to guide our healing process then we fall under the will of the Lord. God may want to use science to heal our bodies. Praise God that we dont have to avoid the worlds many wonderful inventions.