Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Psychology, or Demons at work?

I'm again reading an article on Spirit Daily about a split between believers in psychology and those who believe that demons can cause many mental maladies.

I haven't even finished the article yet, but since my booklet mentions and is somewhat related to psychological issues -- I wanted to share something additional about the article I posted a few weeks ago about schizophrenia. I mentioned in the post, linking to an article by a man who was delivered from a schizophrenia demon; that I believed it was the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost for you KJV fans out there) at work in the article being there when I was commenting on an EFT article on the same topic.

I wanted to share that the topic 'schizophrenia' came up several more times after I posted that, which may or may not be a confirmation of the issue having more to do with the demonic than psychology? What do you think? Does the Holy Spirit send those sorts of confirmations? On April 15th, on the t.v. show Dateline NBC, there was a story about a killer who'd been diagnosed with schizophrenia. (A Mr. Hyde, hmmmm...) Then on April 19th, watching Diagnosis Murder, part of that story line involved someone who was mostly harmless, and spoke in anagrams, that had been diagnosed with schizophrenia. Lastly, I was watching JDM on TBN and Cathy Duplantis made a statement that 'God's not schizophrenic'.

We could also call it the 'law of attraction' at work, too?

Someday I may add some of my thoughts on psychology. Well ok, I'll add them now. I imagine some of it is valuable, (psychology, that is) and if nothing else there are some very caring people in the field. But I think some of the premises are way off, especially in light of what can be done with EFT. And on the spiritual question, many of the 'fathers' of the field were atheists and / or influenced by the demonic themselves. (Do a search on Carl Jung, for instance.) Beyond what I just wrote, I'll wait 'til someone actually asks for my opinion.

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