Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Modern Prophets and discernment

I'm reading a good article about Kim Clement being a 'new age prophet'.

I've read some of his prophesies, and have been disturbed that many of them don't appear to come to pass. I get very few 'words' that may be called prophetic, but the few I do get DO come to pass. One example I can think of right now, is a few years ago it was a very dry spring and summer here in Eastern Washington (state). I started praying for rain, on a regular basis, for perhaps a month or so. Then one day I got the message (as a sort of intuition, not exactly audibly but it was clear...) 'you can stop praying for rain, it's on the way.' So I stopped praying and it was perhaps 6 weeks or so before it started to rain, but rain it did.

The point for me is that discernment is so important. I don't want to 'follow' someone just because they say things I like to hear; if they aren't speaking the Truth from God, it's a waste of time, and possibly worse. And when dealing in issues of spiritual warfare, you have to learn discernment, or you're toast.

I'll most likely have more to say in another posting. But it's a good article, I wanted to pass it on.

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