Thursday, June 7, 2007

Sound vibrations and effect of 'Sacred' language

I have a couple of other posts I'm thinking about, and there is more coming on the 'lie vs the truth.' Really. I just do so much typing at work that I don't feel up to much typing during the week. (Certainly a 'tappable issue'! I'm not sure one can live on this planet and run out of tappable issues!?) But before then, I'm again reading a new article on Spirit Daily about sound vibrations and their affect on water. Apparently they also discovered that there was earlier research using musical instruments and sand or other materials, and I'll quote from the article:

It comes to our attention that years ago -- in fact, back in the 18th century -- a musician-physicist named Ernst Chladni (who was born the same year as Mozart, and died the same year as Beethoven) discovered that when he drew the bow of a violin against the edge of flat plates covered with sand, it produced geometric patterns. Physical sounds, it was shown, affected physical matter.

In 1967, a Swiss doctor named Hans Jenny took up Cladni's work and demonstrated that when he vibrated plates at various frequencies and amplitudes, he generated various patterns. He called the science of this "cymatics." And beautiful indeed were the forms.

Using iron filings, mercury, thick fluids, plastic-like substances, and gases, he demonstrated a visible effect.
Most looked like concentric patterns and mazes. The fascination was in how geometric they were -- how similar to the designs of man.

And I thought I'd add that, while I was writing my booklet, and even now, I have a feeling of some incomplete 'revelation' about our words or what we say and speak. I put something in my booklet about it and pointed to a book by Joyce Meyer, but I know there's more that I just don't quite understand yet. It's a process. Here's something from Psalm 119 that jumped out at me recently, that sort of fits in here:

psalm 119:13 (KJV) - 'with my lips have I declared all the judgments of thy mouth.' and v72 - 'the law of thy mouth is better unto me than thousands of gold and silver.'

I'd say it's very interesting and there's more to follow, as my understanding unfolds. Here's a link to the article.

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