Friday, May 8, 2009

Quantum Touch and channeling demons

I wanted to flag this article, regarding a family that encountered something called 'Quantum Touch'. I hadn't heard of it before reading this article, but it sounded similar to Reiki, from what little is mentioned in the article.

Apparently QT was developed by someone who listened to or studied the teachings of someone who channels a demon that calls itself Lazaris. I was introduced to some of those (Lazaris) teachings by someone in the mid 1990's; I had a couple of his cassette tapes as well as one of his books. They went into the dumpster (trash can) a few years ago, when I understood what it really was.

I also thought it might be a good place to tell my short Reiki story, particularly since there are some sites that purport to use what they call 'christian reiki'. In this, the devil uses deception in order to gain a foothold. First I'll quote a small portion from this article at the site linked above :

The spirit-world is real, but no one- not even the reikimasters have a clue- of what really is going on. ONLY Jesus Christ can help us!

... and from another comment on the page:

Many Christian websites and books make it seem very appealing and [say] that this is how Jesus healed. Your website makes perfect sense and in my heart I know that you are right, Reiki is not of God.
Around 1998 I attended a level-1 reiki 'atunement' and class in Seattle (I lived in Seattle at the time). I attended a sort of pre-atunement introduction on a Friday evening, and the next morning I had a major allergic reaction of some sort; with sneezing and runny nose, watery eyes, etc. Those symptoms were with me all day. There were 2 other women in the class in addition to myself. When it came time for the atunement, it was done separately for each person, with the other 2 people waiting in another room. During my atunement, the 'master' did whatever she does -- and then she was sort of baffled, because she said that it didn't 'take' for some reason. So she did it again, and I had the impression that it may not have taken the 2nd time either, but she said it did. I now believe the Holy Spirit was probably protecting me from my own deception.

Then, after the atunement we were shown how to use reiki on others, with each of us taking turns on the massage table, being shown where to hold our hands on another person to do the 'healing'. The whole process of doing a 'healing' takes about 45 minutes or so. Our only role in the process is to be a 'channel' of the 'healing energy' -- and I basically decided before the day was over that it would be a really boring way for me to spend my days. My thinking was that God gave me a brain for a reason, and performing reiki sessions as a career wouldn't be a good use of that. I think I tried using it on myself a couple of times and didn't get much out of it. So my reiki career was very short-lived, for which I now praise God.

If you're involved in reiki or 'quantum touch' (which appears to me to be a similar modality), please look at the reiki dangers site I linked above, which also has links to other sites on the topic.

he that doeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning. To this end was the Son of God manifested, that he might destroy the works of the devil. (1Jn 3:8 ASV)


Anonymous said...

So it's OK from your personal faith perspective to work on the body's meridian/energy systems using EFT, but not OK to work on it using other modalities such as quantum touch?

Tapping is OK but placing hands on the body is not. Interesting! Maybe you can explain how you differentiate between the two modalities?

Cia W said...

Dear Anonymous,

I differentiate between the two as follows:

EFT doesn't purport anything about 'chakras' while apparently QT and reiki both do. EFT and/or TFT do talk about 'subtle energies' which I would call the nervous system.

I believe there are EFT practitioners who would talk about or claim to know about 'chakras' -- but it isn't any part of the actual procedure.

With EFT, there is no 'atunement' or 'initiation' or reliance on spiritual forces or spirit guides and the like to actually do the work. According to the reiki dangers site I linked, this 'atunement' is actually opening up an access point for demonic spirits, which is not a good thing regardless of one's personal faith perspective. And apparently there is some sort of meditation involved with QT, not so with EFT.

And if QT derives from the teachings of Lazaris, who I consider to be a demonic entity, then that tells me to stay away right there. However it sounded similar to reiki to me and was likewise linked in the Lighthouse Trails article, so I tied it in with my reiki story.

Thanks for the question.

Jam 2:19 (NASB) — You believe that God is one. You do well; the demons also believe, and shudder.

Stephen said...

You might like to read "MANY Will Come in My "NAme". ANyone who sees this no one thing. This has nothing to do with reality or what you might misunderstandingly call 'a faith'. We are talking here about REALITY so it's time we take off our hats of prejudice and know one thing and one thing Only. Jesus is telling US the Truth and IS THE TRUTH.. EVIL works on folks he dissed religion or don't understand and depends on the likes of REEKY and anything related to Ancient Wisdom and Mysticsim which indlues anything Orpah winfrey and Deepak Chorpa or Wayne Dyer or Marrianne Williamson pushes..might make you happy today..but when your dead it will do you no good, and they will be long gone before you know it. Power of Attraction is another label for "I am God" they all shift toward the same theme in teh long run..well guess what, no you are not. It's Christ..or ask yourself this, why would anyone not want to believe In the Perfect man who is Truth and of the God of Love? Why? No good reason other than because we might have got the wrong impressions or bad infromation possibly from people who are evil themselves! we can all be evil so it's time to fess up and get with the program.

Anonymous said...

QT and reiki use the same energy and QT can be done right out of the box without initiation. The only reason reiki uses attunements is because the guy that started it was insistent that it be done one way and one way only. QT is the same thing but lifts all the restrictions.

I learned how to use both just from watching youtube videos. I don't use guides or spirits. I don't believe in them. QT and reiki is just about the movement of energy, the same energy of the chinese system meridians.

And the reason it never worked for you is because you didn't want it to work. The subconscious mind must obey our beliefs and if our beliefs say to block something from happening that is perfectly normal it will be blocked.

Jesus was a real man who has become a fairytale angel of mercy that comes at everyone's beck and call. Look at any organized Christian religion and tell me they aren't corrupt to the core. And almighty Jesus has these as his representatives?

I used to be Christian until one Christian after another after another after another stole my money, slandered me, withheld good from me in the church, etc. After two world wars fought by followers of Jesus on both sides and people still believe the lies. The man himself said by their fruit you will know them, yet everyone is in denial.

It's reiki and QT all the way for me, baby!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and EFT is super awesome too. I actually use f-EFT and have changed so many limiting beliefs it's amazing.