Sunday, May 24, 2009

eft-sw website not available Tuesday the 26th of May

I received a notice from my website host that they're moving the servers to another location on Tuesday May 26, just in case you tried to reach the site and stopped by here in the meantime. Projections are for it to down from approximately 6am to 6pm Eastern (U.S.) time.

Also, I'd mentioned in an earlier post that Gary Craig (who developed EFT) had changed the rules regarding the use of the EFT logo, so I put a palm branch in it's stead. It's a public domain graphic I found on a clip-art page a while back and I think it'll work unless or until I come up with an actual logo for my ministry or until I find another small graphic to add. When I designed (and re-designed) my website I set the colors so they'd be compatible with the EFT logo colors. Now that I have a different graphic, I decided to also change some of the website colors. If it's too much lavender / purple, feel free to leave a comment. I may reverse the light/ dark placement for a while. I liked the colors for spring, and then I may change them again in a few months.

If you don't see the changed colors yet (previously blue/gray and now lavender / purple-y), it's because I'm posting this before I've actually made the new page 'live', which will be later tonight or tomorrow. More later!

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