Monday, April 27, 2009

Struggling - the avenue of growth

I follow this blog on Google Reader, and really liked this message, so I thought I'd flag it here. It also reminded me that I'd heard something about the trees in the first 'Biosphere', that they didn't really develop their roots and fell over, because they didn't have any wind. Here's a quote from a climate study on that:
Wind is also necessary for creating hardy and strong trees. When it was first created, there was no wind inside of Biosphere 2. Plants grew relatively quickly, but they frequently fell over before they were of reproductive age. After some intensive observations and experimentation, it was determined that the lack of wind created trees with much softer wood than that species would normally make in the wild. They grew more quickly than they did in the wild, but they were harmed in the long run as a consequence.

So here's the blog post by the above title: Struggling - the avenue of growth

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