Sunday, March 8, 2009

What is 'the Bezzle' ?

I've been reading some financial blogs recently, and ran across a term I'd never heard before -- the bezzle . I read it in one article that seemed to assume the reader knew what it meant, but I didn't, so I did a search and found enough information in a couple of short articles that I understood it.

I just now got to this article through an email link, and it really explains it. It's not necessarily related to spiritual warfare, but when you're dealing with lies and deceit and the like, of course it could tie in. And since there are few things like money to get people's emotions in turmoil, I'll tie in EFT by suggesting that you keep on tapping! (And praying, of course!)

Here's the last part of the article, which sums it up -- but it's all worth reading.
The damage will stop only when one of two things happens:

All of the identifiable Bezzle is flushed from the financial system OR
Government comes out and makes clear that it will clamp down, enforce the law, and that the bad actors both forward and back will be prosecuted, the ill-gotten gains recovered to the extent possible, and the truth demanded from all firms going forward.

Those are the only choices folks.

Government is not responsible for the fraud, but it is responsible for turning its head and refusing to look, investigate and prosecute.

Government profited from the increased tax revenue and "fake wealth" that was "created" as a consequence of The Bezzle, and the campaign bribes, er, contributions that flowed from it.

Now government must choose - either put a stop to The Bezzle, here and now, or watch the market dismantle it piece by piece, firm by firm, and deal with the collateral damage - another 10-20 million unemployed (at minimum) and a Depression worse than the 1930s.
Also, for another good site / blog that catalogs another big problem in the financial markets -- check out the Deep Capture Blog.

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