Thursday, December 20, 2007

EFT-SW now has a website, too!

I'm re-posting this and deleting the other post from a few days ago - I was a bit confused over some of the hosting technicalities. The important thing is - it works! Comments about the website, and even about my temporary confusion are welcome. ;-)

I know you've all been anxiously awaiting this news, so here it is -- I now have a website for EFT and Spiritual Warfare, in addition to the blog! (Ok, maybe no one else but me is excited by the news, but I wanted to share it anyway!)
It doesn't have a lot of the technological 'bells and whistles' other sites have, or the fancy layout and design, but for a home-made effort I think it's not too shabby. Feel free to offer criticism, so long as it's constructive (and keeping in mind that being a web-master isn't my calling, though dealing with html code is probably easier than dealing with real live people some days!).

I also don't really aspire to learn how to put together java scripts, but if someone has some expertise they're willing to lend, it may be welcome. I can't think of much I want the web site to do that it's not already doing -- basically a landing page with some contact info. for me and links to some topical articles I've written, which I hope to add to as time goes on, and possibly cross-post a few on here.

The articles are (for the most part) taken out of the e-booklet I wrote earlier this year, though I did add to and/or make some revisions to what is written in the booklet, for the article asking

is EFT ok for Christians? and also on the EFT and the Law of Attraction article.

Lastly, the site is hosted by Witness Today - Free Web Hosting for Christians. If you have some funds in search of a place to donate, they'd be a good spot. Of course, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if you clicked on my donate button, either! (Or hire me for coaching and I'll start donating to the hosting service; after doing boring things like buy a few groceries and pay the electric bill!).

There's a link to the new site over on the links section ---> and you can also find it again here.

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