Saturday, December 1, 2007

Article on Exorcisms - from New Zealand

I ran across this article about a vicar of an Anglican Parish who performs deliverance ministry. I'd recommend reading the whole article, and I couldn't really find a few paragraphs that stuck out for me (since it's all pretty good). So I'll just leave you with the last 2 paragraphs of the article for your reading pleasure:

The level of demonic activity can vary from people having bad thoughts, who feel they've had a brush with evil, to total demonic possession.

Hewat wants people to be aware of the good deliverance ministry can do: "Given that a small number of people in our society do suffer the terrible affliction of demonic possession and will only find freedom through exorcism, it would be regrettable if the tragic experience of Janet Moses were to discredit what is a valid ministry of the Christian church."
And a note just to keep my faithful (or not-so-faithful or first-time) readers up to date, I haven't posted much here lately because I've been working on a website! It's a lot of work, but I'm learning a few things about HTML and about how MS Word puts a bunch of gibberish into pages that web 'validators' don't like -- so I'll soon have a 'lean mean' website to point y'all to. Complete with an adorable picture of a house for folks to click on to return to the home page. How about a preview of the house? I told you it was adorable. Or maybe I've just lost my last marble after all the editing! Back to work.

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