Sunday, August 12, 2007

Marxism / Socialism as a religion

For the most part, I try not to post much on this blog that would fall under the 'political' category. But in many respects it does tie into being emotionally free (i.e. the goal of EFT) as well as believing in our Savior, who came to set the captives free. Particularly here in the USA, which is still considered by some to be a 'free country'.

But, it is becoming apparent that is not the case in many respects. I do follow some political issues and I'm a member of the local 'meetup' group for Ron Paul - Republican candidate for U.S. President. That being said, I wanted to share this article on a blog I just discovered. I'll put a few sentences of the article below, follow the above link to read the whole thing if you want.

If Marxism is a religion and the Income tax is the 2nd “Commandment”
in their Manifesto then how can the United States be establishing a tax
system based upon a religious doctrine that is established to destroy
capitalism and has been recognized by Congress (50 USC § 841) as an
enemy of the United States?

If Marxism is a religion then no Christian or any other religion
that does not have Marxism as a part of their faith can be forced to
pay a tax that supports that religion. To do so would create a
substantial burden upon Ronnie’s religious exercise. That is a
violation of the RFRA and the government cannot demonstrate a
compelling government inters [sic] in establishing a religion.

“If, by religion, we mean a framework of total devotion, especially one
that involves an ideal future and an ideal role model (Jesus and
Lenin), a framework that one follows unquestioningly, then certainly
Communism meets that definition of religion.” Professor Sam McFarland,
University of Western Kentucky

“I certainly came to the conclusion many years ago that Marxism is a
religion, contrary to Marx’s contention that he was being ‘scientific’”
Dr. Wallace Mills, retired, St. Mary’s University

“In China, the enormously successful civil religion of the Communist
party adapted ancient Confucian imperial doctrine, promoted Mao as the
sage-philosopher of the nation, whose teachings were critical for
national salvation, and presented Mao as representing the morality of
communist truth.” World Religions Today
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