Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Infinite Supply of the Lord

I'm reading an excellent article, which really speaks to some current issues in my life. Particularly in this EFT endeavor. And one paragraph also answers one thing I've been asking for months -- in regards to using Dr. Pat Carrington's 'Choices Method'. The article is a bit long, but worth reading because it has some great stuff in it. Here's a quote from the article that I wanted to share here:
We are always looking at the need when we should instead look to
the Lord. Whether we have much, or whether we have little, is of no
concern at all. Here is a need. The Lord has compassion on the
multitude and wants us to feed them. So we take inventory of what we
have and find only a few loaves and fishes. Let us bring that to the
Lord and lay it at His feet. Since what the Lord is asking is beyond
what we can do, we can and should expect a miracle. Indeed, that is why
He puts us in impossible situations.

When confronted with such a circumstance we should remember
that if we have the Blessing of the Lord then He can multiply what
little we have and will even give us "twelve baskets" remaining. But
without the Blessing of the Lord, "two hundred pennyworth of bread is
not sufficient for them to even taste a little" (John 6:7). So the
issue is never what we have or what we are doing, but rather, do we
have the Lord's blessing? With the Lord's Blessing we have Infinite
Supply. Practically speaking, it means instead of trying to convince
the Lord to bless what I want to do or what I think needs to be done, I
should find out first what the Lord wants to BLESS and do THAT instead.
Remember, "Jesus already knew what He was going to do" (John 6:6b).
Thus, we pray, "Not my will, but Your Will be done; not my kingdom, but
Your Kingdom come." And then we enjoy the Lord's Blessing on our work.

Since I don't always know if what I'm doing or asking for is His will, in the context of using something like 'The Choices Method', I would pray first that if I'm tapping for a choice that I'm unsure of, that the Holy Spirit speak to me clearly if it is not His will, or if perhaps I'm close but He's ready and willing to do better. I've recently been brought around to discovering, that I've been so afraid of doing it 'wrong' and then getting 'punished' that I've somewhat paralyzed myself. I'm learning I really can rely and trust in Him, which is different that what I learned growing up, listening to the Adversary's lies.

You can read the entire article here.

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