Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Harry Potter and the assault on Christianity

Ok, I know I said that the piece I did on the Biblical Christianity blog and Harry Potter would likely be the last piece that mentioned Harry Potter. Well, I was wrong, kind of. I figured there was a possibility I'd do another one, and here it is.

I just read an excellent article about HP, and it says basically everything I'd say on the topic. Probably better than I would. I'll throw a few sentences below, otherwise I highly recommend the entire article, here.
I've even heard some Christian parents express delight that the Harry
Potter novels have sparked reading interest in their hitherto
literarily indifferent offspring - the implication being that content
doesn't matter as long as kids are reading something. Could a similar
case be made for reading pornography?

In the context of occult literature and cinema, Harry Potter is
relatively soft-core, but its sanitized portrayal of the black arts
arguably makes it more potently subversive. Interest in the occult
incited by getting caught up in the Harry Potter phenomenon is likely
to carry over into deeper exploration.
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Andrew T said...

I've been interested in the idea of EFT for some time now, but ultimately went away from investigation due to my concerns that it might be "new age-y". I decided to look into it again and did a Google search for "eft christian perspective." Your site was the first to pop up. Of course, a supposed expert can THINK it's Biblically justifiable, but just not possess discernment. That's why I was so pleased to find you address not only Larry Nims' statement that God can and does use all techniques for the good of Christians, and the Emotional Freedom & Healing technique practiced by one of your readers (I checked it out, and the creator definitely had nothing to do with the Christian God, but merely "the Universe"), but also Harry Potter. With the combination of these three things you indicate to me that you truly do possess a strong measure of Christian discernment. Many powerful Christians, including those of the radio show Family Life Today who featured Connie Neal, say there's nothing wrong with HP. I knew it was a terrible evil when Dennis Rainey said that he was "ok" with Harry Potter because his teenage daughter told him that HP was "charming." Charming?! What is the devil if not charming? How can one deceive if he is not charming? This would seem to be the case with those things that EFT would seek to remedy. We are "charmed" by the statements of demons which we are inclined to believe whether because of past experience or because of our own fleshly inclinations. I am looking forward to reading more of your blogs on EFT. Thank you for a truly Christian perspective on EFT.