Sunday, November 14, 2010

EFT for War Veterans

Someone left a comment on one of the articles on this blog that contained a link to a very good article titled Exactly How Does EFT work? That article contained a link to a Google video that I wanted to embed here, it's really good.

It lasts about 20 minutes and is titled EFT for War Veterans. I have the full-length DVD Operation Emotional Freedom that I haven't yet reviewed on here (it's not formatted for a non-wide-screen t.v. so I have to watch it again on my pc), so this video gives a good snapshot.


Anonymous said...

Here are 3 more articles, one of which is outstanding, albeit loaded with medical jargon.

The links are below, and I may say it does take the mysticism out of EFT for those who had been previously spooked about it
(myself included):

Anonymous said...

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