Saturday, December 12, 2009

Apartment for rent?

I had my website set up to email me when there was a new comment to an article. I received an email a couple of days ago and put off looking at it until today; and when I got to my website I see it has a page for 'Apartment for rent at'. Obviously that's not my website. I tried to pull up the page for my hosting provider ( and it just said 'connecting to...' but it never pulled up the page.

The last communication I had from the person that ran (or runs?) witnesstoday was back in May, he was moving the servers to a new location. I haven't heard anything that he was shutting down the service or anything, but possibly that's what happened. I also believe the Lord told me a few weeks ago to get a new hosting provider, but I haven't done that.

So the EFT for Spiritual Warfare website is currently unavailable, and I'll be finding a new host and I'll post updates here. I think I need to start tapping and praying!

Update Dec. 15, 2009

It appears that my website is back up, there was a hard drive failure after a software update, apparently. I'm still a little baffled why my site came up apartment for rent, but it's back up now. I'm still in the process of changing to a new hosting company; which I found out about on a mail list for Christians using linux. There's a good possibility the site will have a new domain -- I'll keep you posted here.

Update Dec. 19, 2009

I could start a new post, and just title it 'arggh!' because that's my mood sometimes when trying to update stuff for the website. I get one thing figured out on my local machine (like Apache and modsecurity that complained about running update.php on Drupal when I used it to update to the newest versions of various things, including Drupal itself). So it feels like two steps forward and 1 step back sometimes. The newest thing is that somehow, in getting footnotes in the right place using the footnote module, the rest of the article seems to have lost it's formatting. My blockquotes and paragraphs look like they should be there but the articles all just run together in one big block of text when I look at them. 

All of that to lead up to -- my website is going to a new hosting company but it's going to have the same domain. The site should look mostly o.k.; but there may be a few things I still need to get figured out -- like not having sentences all run together in one big block with no formatting applied. And I thought I was going to work on sending out some Christmas cards today. 

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