Saturday, February 14, 2009

EFT on blogtalk radio, Facebook and other stuff

I just signed up on Facebook about 10 days ago, and discovered there are a few EFT related groups on there that I've joined. Some of them are pretty new, it appears -- one of which is 'EFT from a Christian Perspective'. Stop by and say hi!

Also there's one for an EFT class on blogtalk radio. I haven't listened to any of the shows, and when trying to pull up the page I keep getting a 'page load error' telling me the server was reset while the page was loading. I tried again after allowing javascript from blogtalk radio (I use the Firefox browser with NoScript add-on) and got the same message, so you may have more success pulling up the page than I did. Just be warned that the shows may or may not be 'Christian-friendly'.

Lastly, while on the topic of 'social networking' sites, I'm also on Twitter with the user name of CiaW , at the moment I don't send many updates or messages there but feel free to add me or invite me to your updates if you'd like.

Update Feb. 24 -- I have also started a group on Facebook called 'EFT for Spiritual Warfare', and I'd be happy to have you join that one too, as well as the Christian Perspective group another practitioner started, if you're on Facebook.

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